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Imagine if all the people... cared!

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Step One

We need buildings. Federal & Local governments have plenty of them that are a drain on tax dollars. So, how about you donate them to us? We'll make them comfy, bright and humans can be evaluated in a place that isn't terrifying. I would think the cities would be happy to do this, not only does it cut costs but their police have an easy answer and jails... it costs a fortune to jail people. Do the mentally ill really belong in jail?

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Step Two

We need Doctors and Nurses. We hear there is a high-level of burnout after the pandemic. What if hospitals were to get a tax break and give their staff a 3 month paid leave and healthcare workers were able to work with us? I know it sounds like a stretch- but how much money do hospitals lose on all the ER visits from the mentally ill? I think it's probably better to make money and not lose your staff. Think about it. Is it all that crazy?

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Step Three

Imagine there is an app. This app contains all of your health records. We get the need for privacy but we also know that when we're in danger these needs become less of a priority. Let's say that your Grandma has alzheimer's and wanders off. Wouldn't a fingerprint that a cop or a hospital could run and get her home be a good thing? What if your brother was schizophrenic and was off his meds? It also helps if you get sick and need SSDI, imagine how much easier it would be for you and the SSA?


“In March of 2018, I was walking my daughter to the park. I had 3 grand mal seizures within an hour and for the following 4 years had a rare, severe brain infection that mimics all different versions of mental illness. I am in a unique position as I now understand what it is to be that sick and get lost in the system and lose everything. My entire life was destroyed and even living in NYC, I could not get the help that I needed. I ended up being evicted, despite earning 7 figures the year prior, couldn’t figure out where to go or what was wrong. Yes, my story is extreme but the bottom line is- when you are truly crazy- you do not know it. And I would have done anything to have someone run my finger print. The system is beyond broken- but it’s fixable. We can do it.”

We all need help sometimes...maybe we should accept that instead of ignoring the growing mental health crisis.