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This is OUR problem. 1 in 5 Americans suffers from a mental illness every year in the United States. This means statically that you or a member of your family will be affected. Our solution has been to ignore it. We can’t keep ignoring this. It’s a very dangerous problem that has lasting effects on our families, our economy, and our safety.

We spend billions on military defense against foreign enemies, meanwhile- our kids aren’t safe in our schools. Try looking at your county budget before delving into our country’s budget. The sad truth is: we may care, but look too deeply into the abyss and it might ruin your day. Until something happens that ruins your life. Chances are it’s coming in one way or another and it is our problem that we are here. In the 80’s we allowed all hell to break loose when the federal government shut down all the psych wards. Today, the few remaining are a disgrace. Unless you can afford 30k a month- you’re ending up in a place that resembles hell… and chances are there will be no solution. You will get no real help and you will be released without even medication. I know, I ended up in one. It was no “Girl Interrupted” it was closer to a Stephen King novel.

Who the hell do I think I am to start such a huge thing? I am not even in the health industry. I am a designer. You can read my story here. The answer to my question is I am someone who has a very unique insight into this nightmare we call the mental health system. I think I am the person who is showing up and trying. I may not be in the health care industry, but I do possess a certain set of skills that have been known to move mountains. Like all Mothers whose children are in danger, we tend to possess super-human abilities. That does sound crazy, but I assure you… if you are actually crazy, you have no idea that you are. Read about me and judge for yourself. If you can do it better, please… do so. If not, join me. It’s really that simple.

That being said, I know this is not going to be easy. I understand politics. I get how slowly things move and nothing bothers me more than “red tape” and the non-sense we call our government. The key to that is one of the oldest idioms in history and I will use it, and I will do it in heels with a smile. The time has arrived, you cannot live through the pain that I have had for years and not do anything about it. That would make you a psychopath – and well, those we cannot help. Born that way. Most are running fortune 500 companies and aren’t our target demographic anyway. They aren’t locked up in prison (well… maybe) and aren’t homeless. They are running the country… and they could care less about your Grandma or your brother. So, we’ll be leaving them be, until we need something from them and then we will give them all the credit while we do the work and we will not care. That is politics 101 & I am well versed. Aside from my unique insight- my ego does not need any credit. The only thing I will accomplish is solving this problem. My life is dedicated to it and with good reason. Don’t worry, we’ll get a board and a writer… must play the game. Toodles. Donate. I’ve got plans and I will be raising the money for this project in a creative way. We will not be having Galas that cost more than they earn. We will be having legends donating concerts, Actors Instagramming, we’ll have merch that will be showing up on royalty. Trust, it’s gonna suck but it’s also gonna be a blast.

As all good things are.

OUR story is just beginning. However, how we got here started decades ago.

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Timeline of Mental Health in the US

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